Worries over Britain’s second new Corona tension in a week, predicted to arrive from South Africa

– This strain claims to be more contagious than the first strain.

– Two cases of this second new strain were reported in Britain, air ban in South Africa

London, ta. 23 December 2020, Wednesday

There is an atmosphere of fear all over the world when the corona virus is once again seen in Britain. This new strain of the corona virus is spreading rapidly in Britain, making lockout more difficult than ever. Therefore, many countries of the world have imposed an air ban on Britain. Amidst all this, another worrying news has emerged that another new strain of Corona virus has emerged in Britain. This second new strain is also highly contagious.

Britannia announced on Wednesday that it had found a new strain of the corona virus. Britain’s Health Minister Matt Hank told a news conference on Wednesday that there have been two reported cases with new tensions in Britain. This second type of stress has been found in people who are in contact with people in South Africa. As a result, all the people of South Africa have been ordered to remain in isolation for the last two weeks.

At the same time, Britain has banned flights from South Africa. The second wave of corona in Britain is thought to be caused by a new strain of the corona virus. Then another new strain was introduced. Corolla virus cases are rising again in South Africa.

The South African Ministry of Health said last week that it had received information about a new version of the corona virus. It is likely that this new version is responsible for the increasing number of cases in the country. This second new Corona tension in Britain is being denied coming from South Africa.

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