Why is Boxing Day celebrated on the 26th day after Christmas?

London, 8 December 2020, Friday

Christmas is celebrated on the 9th, but few people know that the day after Christmas is called Boxing Day. Boxing Day is particularly popular in Commonwealth countries, such as Christian, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and England. After Christmas, this day also has a holiday atmosphere. Surprisingly, the word boxing has nothing to do with the sport of boxing. For example, Test cricket is played on the next day of Christmas in Australia.

Horse riding and football matches are played in Britain. The first Boxing Day Test match was played in 190 between Australia and England. There is also a Test match of the Ashes series on Boxing Day. So there are many legends associated with why Boxing Day is celebrated. According to a tradition, gift boxes are opened in the church on 6 December to help the poor. Due to the tradition of opening boxes, it is called Boxing Day.

According to another legend, on the second day of Christmas, gift boxes are given to those who perform their duties faithfully, hence the name Boxing Day. However, Boxing Day’s meanings have changed over time. Gift articles worth crores of rupees are sold in the Christmas celebration market. Items that are limited to Christmas day are sold the next day at a cheaper price. These items are called Boxing Days because they are kept in boxes.

Who is the Kraps mentioned in the Alps folklore?

Alps folklore in Europe mentions half-goat and half-monster-like nonsense. This Baloko companion of Santa is popular since last time. The nonsense that appears in the Christmas season is believed to direct the children to the storm. Bearded craps do not bend at the neck but at the waist. However, the practice of keeping this character for entertainment and fun has now started. Crafts races were once held in the United States. Cities like San Francisco and Portland still dominate today. The head has horns, so in Austria it is considered a cruel monster.

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