Why does this woman live alone in Monvi, Nebraska?

New York, January 21, 2021, Thursday,

There is a saying that trees are not alone in the forest, but a woman from an American village has lived alone for years. Loneliness has become such that I no longer feel alone. The village of Monawi in the state of Nebraska used to stir with the people. Now there is only one woman named Elsie Ayler. Since Elsie is 4 years old, the village is going to be deserted when she is not alive, but Elsie decides to stay as long as she lives, so that she does not call the village a ghost because she has a special attachment to the village. is. The village is supplied with water and electricity by the local system. 5,000, the total cost, including maintenance, will have to be borne manually.

Since Elsie is the only citizen of the village of Monawi, the government also provides some funds that are planned for the expenses. He does not have to ask anyone where to spend the money. The village sarpanch, mayor, hero or clerk is everything. However this situation has not already happened in Monavi village. In 190 there lived about 150 people. The village was spread over an area of ​​3 hectares at a time. Gradually, the population decreased, and by 190, only 15 people had survived. Until the year 2000, only two people lived there. The two men included Elsie and her husband, Rudy Ayler. She has been living alone since the death of her husband Rudy Euler in 2006. Many people go to this unique village knowing that only one person lives in Monavi village. Meet Elsie and ask her her distance and need. Elsie likes to get visitors from outside but sometimes she is bored.

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