Why did more than 1,000 photos of Thailand’s ex-girlfriend go viral?

Bangkok, December 6, 2020, Thursday

More than 1,000 photos of Sinaet, the former girlfriend of Thai king Mahajirlongkorn and former army nurse, have gone viral. According to media reports, some of the photographs are considered to be extremely obscene. The dispute between the king’s wife Suthida and his girlfriend Sinet is believed to be related to the incident. Last year, Sneet was jailed for tarnishing the image of the queen. The picture of Raja’s girlfriend went viral as soon as he came out of jail. After being released from prison, he was again trying to get closer to the king, so Suthida is believed to have been implicated in making the Queen’s pictures viral.

Surprisingly, the photos have reached some anti-monarchical social groups in Thailand. According to the information received, most of the photographs were taken during the years 2015 and 2016. Thailand’s King Wazirlongkorn married 5-year-old Suthida in 2013. Raja was also married thrice earlier and has 4 children. Some time ago the king bid farewell to the three queens. The 3-year-old, Seenit, has worked as a senior officer in Raja’s palace. Sinnett was also made to perform at the Royal Noble Concert. Her troubles have been exacerbated by the fact that several photos of Sinet, known as Raja’s girlfriend, have gone viral.

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