While people in China did not receive the Corona vaccine, the government offered people to line up!

New delhi date 16 april 2021, friday

The corona virus originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan. On one hand, the tax virus is prevalent all over the world, on the other hand, China has been largely successful in controlling the virus. Vaccination is the biggest role behind this. In a populous country like China, various proposals and inducements are being offered by the government to attract people for vaccination.

Those who do not want to get vaccinated are being given discounts and coupons on free eggs, groceries and other items to attract them for vaccination. The government has also benefited. People are now coming for vaccination and the vaccination campaign is getting good response.

After the slow introduction of vaccination in China, millions of people are now getting vaccinated every day. In which these proposals have played an important role. 6.1 million doses of the vaccine were given on 26 March in China alone. A government official said that the country aims to have 560 million people vaccinated by June.

In 2019, the corona virus spread to China. In 2020, the Chinese government imposed a two-month lockdown in Hubei Province. China overtook Corona due to tight controls and quick lockdowns. Whereas now they are making various offers to the people for vaccination.

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