Republican race for Governor

Agriculture Commission Adam Putnam is out with a new television ad touting his support for strong enforcement of immigration laws. Popular Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd narrates the commercial in an effort to boost Putnam’s evolving bonafides on immigration issues.

A spokesman for his Republican opponent Ron DeSantis blasted the ad calling Putnam “Amnesty Adam” and said he was “trying to pull the wool over the eyes of conservatives on Fox News.” More on that issue in this Tampa Bay Times article.

Putnam hasn’t released how much money his political committee is putting behind the new ad – but it’s guaranteed to be more than DeSantis has spent on the airwaves – which is nothing. And for good reason – he doesn’t need to. Fox News is almost a second home for DeSantis, often appearing several times a week. That’s unfiltered time to a targeted audience that will vote in the August Republican Primary. In contrast, Putnam made his first appearance this election cycle last week on Fox News.

DeSantis appeared over the weekend on Fox News’ Life, Liberty & Levin hosted by popular radio talk show guru Mark Levin. Not only did DeSantis receive 15 minutes of free air time, he got a glowing review from Levin. Those kind of moments are worth their weight in gold for a political campaign.

That’s a one-minute biographical introduction of Ron DeSantis from an admired Fox News host. Eventually DeSantis will have to spend money on media platforms across Florida but for Republican Primary voters who watch Fox News, he’ll need no introduction.