Wealthy Musk Loses 15 Billion On One Tweet!

New York, Ta. Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Tesla’s musk tweeted and dropped 15 billion directly from his fortune. As a result, Tesla Inc. shares fell 8.6 percent on Monday, the biggest drop since September.

As a result, 2 .2 billion were erased from musk fortunes. The reason for the sharp drop in Tesla shares was the comments made during the Musk weekend. He described the price of bitcoin and its smaller rival Ether as too high. His message was spread via Twitter.

The tweet came two weeks after Tesla added 1.5 billion to its balance sheet via bitcoin. Cryptocurrency bitcoin rose 400 percent last year, fell for the second consecutive day and fell below 50,000 at a time suspected of continuing the rally.

Musk tweeted on Monday that the company’s Model Y standard class SUV’s menus will also be available. This was in conjunction with reports from electric vehicle news site Electric that the model had been removed from its online configuration. Musk, ranked second in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index of 500 Billionaires of the World, lost 15 15 billion.

His fortune increased to 13.43.4 billion from 0 210 billion in January 2011. Musk’s fortune tops the list of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos with a fortune of 18 186.3 billion, despite a 3. 3.7 billion drop in its value. Tesla shares rose 25 percent this year, but Musk’s tweet washed away all the gains recorded this year.

Both billionaires have been rising from January to first. Musk’s rocket company SpaceX raised 85 850 million this month. It was pegged at 74 percent by August, up 60 percent. Bezos retained his position as the world’s richest man three times in a row before being removed from the top richest position.

17 percent difference in bitcoin

Bitcoin prices dropped from 55050 to 44960 in 24 hours.

Bitcoins were down 16 to 17 percent. Late evening prices were quoted at 7 48,799 to 8 48,800. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen of the new US Treasury Secretary described Bitcoin as “extremely ineffective”.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, popularly known as Warren Buffet in the Indian stock market, said he would never invest in bitcoin and called on the Indian government to ban bitcoin. Creating any currency is the sole and exclusive right of governments and no one other than governments can issue their own currency, he said. In which currency big fluctuations of ten percent are seen.

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