‘We are ashamed of not appreciating the Indian soldiers who fought in the Second World War’

(PTI) London, Ta. 22
In World War I and World War II, many Indian soldiers fought on behalf of Britain. More than 20,000 Indian soldiers were killed in World War I, but due to apartheid at that time Britain did not give due respect to Indian soldiers. The Brits received no appreciation for these soldiers.
In 2014 the Commonwealth War Graves Commission of the Commonwealth countries constituted a special committee. Commonwealth countries that fought the First or Second World War under British rule. An estimated 1.5 million soldiers were martyred on behalf of the British. The committee was tasked to prepare a report from which the soldiers of these countries did not receive due respect.
The committee claimed in its report that 2.5 lakh Commonwealth soldiers had been forgotten. He was not praised and not then. It also included 30,000 Indian soldiers. These soldiers were discriminated against.
The Commonwealth reported this to the British Parliament. Britain then recalled to apologize. In the British Parliament a century after World War II, British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace apologized: “I am ashamed of the British government for not recognizing the martyrs of the Commonwealth today and at the time. Britain regrets that these so-called anonymous soldiers were We have not received due respect for so many years. We cannot change the past, but we can sympathize with them in the present.
Claire Horton, director general of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, said: “We are sorry that we have not been able to appreciate these brave Commonwealth soldiers for so long. This incident, which occurred a century ago, was still wrong and is still wrong today.
One member of the committee said that it was sad to say that 20,000 Indian soldiers were killed in the First World War. These soldiers have not been remembered properly till date.

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