Governor Scott
From Scott Campaign

A group of veterans supporting Governor Rick Scott is condemning a new TV ad by a Democratic-leaning group named VoteVet. In the ad, a veteran criticizes Scott’s wearing of a Navy hat. 

Alan Madison, a Navy veteran, targets Scott’s time as CEO of health care company Columbia/HCA. Madison alleges Scott’s company defrauded a military health care program and then accused Scott of having no honor. 

Now veterans are coming to Scott’s defense. 

“This ad is shameful, said Chip Diehl, a retired Air Force Brigadier General. “A weak, last minute shot to nowhere. Veterans engage to win and win with pride. We serve and follow our leaders on action, courageous example and selfless commitment. Leading our state through our most recent hurricanes is a perfect example.”

“I’m disappointed to see an ad in such poor taste by democratic groups supporting Senator Nelson,” said Wayne Justice, retired Coast Guard Rear Admiral. “Attempting to belittle Governor Scott’s military service for political reasons crosses the line – especially as Governor Scott responds to one of the worst storms our state has seen in years.”

Scott served in the U.S. Navy for twenty nine months ending his service as a radar technician. He frequently wears the blue hat with NAVY in bright yellow on the front. During the response to the most recent hurricane, Scott wears the hat every time he’s outdoors. 

Why is it such a big deal when Scott wears the Navy hat? Florida is full of both veterans and current members of the military. Nearly 8 percent of the country’s 20 million veterans live in Florida. Add to that nearly 92 thousand active and reserve members of the military living in Florida and you have a large bloc of Floridians who turn out to vote.