US scientists discover rapid blood tests for corona patients

(PTI) Washington, Ta. Saturday, January 16, 2021

Scientists have discovered a rapid blood test that can detect in advance which patient may have a more severe corona and the risk of death of the patient is only one day after hospitalization. More benefits will also be reported.

Research published in a journal can test mitochondrial DNA levels that typically occur inside the energy factories of a cell. Washington Uni. According to researchers at the School of Medicine, St. Louis, mitochondrial DNA leaks out of a cell and shows that a highly malignant cell is forming in the body that can kill a patient. ‘

Due to the lack of qualified doctors for many treatments, doctors are well equipped to find out about the condition of the Kovid-19 patient as soon as possible. . ‘

We need to know that some patients with underline disease move into the area of ​​hyper-inflammatory death as they age. Our research found that tissue damage can be the cause of death. Patients die because mitochondrial DNA quickly releases the nuclear.

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