US: Pfizer corona vaccine side effects, two health workers sick

Washington, Ta. 17. Thursday December 2020

The corona vaccine is being tested worldwide. However, some vaccines are also experiencing side effects, including the Pfizer vaccine.

In the US state of Alaska, two people were vaccinated within minutes of receiving the vaccine and their health deteriorated. They are both health workers and work in the same hospital. And difficulty breathing, increased heartbeat. These were all symptoms of allergy. Allergy was not the first problem in this month. Eventually the woman was forced to be admitted to the ICU.

After vaccination, another health worker treated eye irritation, dizziness and sore throat. A month after receiving treatment, his condition finally improved.

The us The Department of Food and Drug Administration says that people who should not get the vaccine first have an allergic reaction. Middle-aged patients can be treated with the treatment of allergies if they develop such symptoms after being vaccinated, Pfizer said. Our vaccine has been given with the clear warning that people who are suffering from allergies may require treatment after taking the Corona vaccine.

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