US national security documents reveal India-China border dispute

New Delhi, 12 January 2021 Tuesday

According to recently released US national security documents, the US had a strategy for the Indo-Pacific region two years ago over the border dispute over the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh. It spoke of political and military support.

In early 2018, US President Donald Trump endorsed a strategy developed by the National Security Council during 2017, a White House-designed national security briefing that was shown to be “secret” and “not for foreign nationals” . Australian public service broadcaster ABC News received documents related to the incident on Tuesday, to be announced on Wednesday.

Citing the documents, ABC News said that the US planned to support India through political, military and intelligence channels to resolve challenges such as the border dispute with China, making it a net provider of security To build a strong foundation for US defense cooperation and distance capability. India’s ability to develop and serve was to be accelerated.

There, the documents also mention that Australia, India and Japan as well as the US need to revise their Indo-Pacific strategy. It called for closer US cooperation with Japan and Australia and a quadrilateral security relationship with India.

During the same incident, Juster said that the US was “very helpful” during the Indo-China border tension, but refused to give more details. “We both share a vision for the Indo-Pacific region and it is a common approach that provides opportunities for growth and prosperity for all countries,” he said.

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