UK MPs approve ‘historic’ Brexit agreement with EU

(PTI) London, 30 December 2020, Wednesday

Members of the British Parliament on Wednesday voted against Brexit by a margin of 21 to 9. British Prime Minister Boris Jones has called a parliamentary session to ratify the Brexit Free Trade Agreement with the European Union, despite the Christmas holidays. It will now become law if it approves all parliamentary steps before the 1 January deadline (the future relations bill of the European Union). The 30-page bill was finalized before 31 December following a last-minute agreement with the European Union last week.

Jones urged all MPs to approve the Landmark bill, which he said was not a violation, but a resolution of Britain’s relations with its European neighbors. Once confirmed, the bill will be sent to Queen Elizabeth of Britain for final approval.

‘What we demanded was not a break up, but a resolution. An old resolution that has been stuck for years. It is a resolution of Britain’s political relations with European countries. At first we were alone, then we were not strong and finally were disruptive members of the European Union. Now that this bill is ratified, we will become a friendly country. We want best friends and the European Union. We will stand with the European Union, whenever our values ​​and interests require it to fulfill the British desire to live according to our own laws, ”said Jones. The agreement with the union will come into effect from 1 January after the bill is passed.

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