Twitter closes Trump’s account, opens its own platform: Trump

Washington, Ta. 9

Donald Trump found it difficult to provoke his supporters to attack the US Parliament. After the indefinite closure of Trump’s account by Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has now permanently closed Donald Trump’s personal and presidential election campaign account. Disappointed, however, Trump said he would open his stage.

Following the attack on the US Parliament, Twitter said that Donald Trump’s personal account @realDonaldTrump has been closed due to fears of further violence. In addition, Trump’s campaign account @TeamTrump has been closed. After reviewing a recent tweet on Trump’s personal account and anticipating more violence than specifically his explanation of the closure, we have decided to permanently cancel Donald Trump’s account. At the time of the permanent suspension, Trump had 25 million followers and himself followed 31 people.

Donald Trump closed his personal account on the microblogging site after tweeting from the US president’s official Twitter handle on Twitter. He accused Democrats and leftist groups on Twitter of working together to promote free speech. Trump also said that he is considering setting up his new platform soon. However, he deleted all these tweets in a few minutes.

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