Trump’s daughter Ivanka called the rioters a patriot, removing the tweet after harsh criticism

– Defended later statements

Washington Thursday 7 January 2021

Trump’s daughter Ivanka called the rioters “patriots” on social media, praising the violence perpetrated by supporters of President Donald Trump, bidding farewell to Washington DC in the United States.

However, Ivanka was subsequently severely criticized on social media for deleting her tweet and speaking out in her defense.

As Ivanka wrote earlier, ‘O American patriots, no violence or violation of law can be accepted. Stop violence immediately. Rest in peace‚Ķ

Anne’s tweet was immediately criticized and thousands of users slammed Ivanka for calling the rioters patriotic. After this Ivanka realized her mistake and deleted the tweet.

Kate Bennett, an American journalist, challenged Ivanka’s tweet and tweeted that Ivanka should clarify. You say who is a patriot who performs violent demonstrations‚Ķ. Then Ivanka retweeted and wrote that violent criticism of violence reduces. Violence is not acceptable. It comes down to harsh criticism.

Meanwhile, Twitter suspended Donald Trump’s Twitter account for 24 hours following violent protests in the United States by Trump supporters. YouTube also removed Trump’s video. Facebook deleted Trump’s video and wrote that Trump’s video could spark more violence. this is an emergency. Facebook also deleted Trump’s video after that.

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