Trump supporters riot in US House of Representatives

-Tried to capture senate

-A woman was killed by a police bullet

Washington DC. 7 January 2021 Thursday

Crowds of supporters of outgoing US President Donald Trump stormed Capitol Hill in an attempt to gain control of the Senate. A woman was killed in police firing to chase away a violent mob. Police and security forces drove out the rioters.

The Electoral College process was actually underway on Capitol Hill and at any point if Biden was to be counted as the new president, thousands of Trump supporters organized a march and marched to Capitol Hill. Security forces managed to disperse the crowd but the commotion did not stop and people stormed Capitol Hill. Police tried baton-charged tear gas to stop them, but to no avail. Eventually the police had to fire in which a woman was killed. When the entire area was evacuated, it was found that Trump supporters had dangerous weapons other than guns.

Seeing the situation worsening, both Trump and Joe Biden made a public appeal for peace and order. Trump’s supporters have staged violent protests in the past, but this is the first attempt to break into Capitol Hill. Curfew was imposed in Washington DC as the weather became more tense.

If Biden had publicly appealed that Donald Trump should apologize to the country and stop his riotous supporters. Trump urged his supporters on Twitter to spread peace and gather home. However, even in this appeal, he once again sang his old anthem that the election was rigged.

Vice President Mike Pence criticized the violence and said that violence never solves a problem.

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