Trump signed Rs 66 lakh crore coro relief bill, people will get financial help

Washington, Monday, December 28, 2020

US President Donald Trump on Sunday signed the D900 billion (about Rs 66 lakh crore) Kovid-19 relief bill, ending days of speculation that jobs and people across the United States have long been in demand are doing. The bill would provide a major relief to those who lost their jobs in the United States due to Corona.

Trump on Sunday night announced the signing of a statement talking about the Kovid-19 relief, which provides 600 600 reliefs to most Americans instead of BI 2,000. Dollars are made.

In a statement, Trump said he would sign the Kovid-19 Relief Bill with a strong message, making it clear to Congress that laziness needed to be abolished, although the president insisted that he give Congress Will send a new version, which will be removed as part of the rescue process. However, the signed bill cannot be changed.

Earlier, Trump refused to sign the Kovid-19 relief bill, stating that the enduring 600 was not enough for most Americans, and asked Congress to raise the amount to 2000 2,000.

Trump said on Tuesday that the bill would send more money abroad, but not to Americans, saying that a few months ago Congress began negotiating a relief package to provide immediate help to the American people, although now this bill will give me Preparing to send. This is very different than expected, it is really an insult.

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