Trump refuses to sign Kovid-19 relief package: 2000 seeks 2,000 stimulus

– Trump alleged that the bill provides a lot of money for foreigners, but insufficient funds for Americans

(PTI) Washington, Ta. 23 December 2020, Wednesday

President Trump refused to sign the Kovid-15 relief bill because only the DO500 relief was insufficient for Americans. “Only DO 500 is too low for Americans,” he said. He asked Congress to increase the amount. In a video posted to Twitter on Tuesday, he said the bill provides a lot of money for foreigners, but less money for Americans. A few months ago, Congress began negotiations on a new relief package that was to be given to Americans on an urgent basis. It was forever. Yet the bill they want to send me is very low. I had never imagined such an amount. This is an insult, ”he said.

Finance Minister Steven Manunich also participated in the talks. Despite all these costs, 500 relief for hard-working Americans is very low. There is also a very small allocation for small businesses, especially for restaurants that have suffered heavy losses, ”Trump said in the video.

मैं I appeal to the Congress to amend and extend this bill. He should provide ૬ 5,000 instead of 500. If there is a couple, give Rs 5,000, ”he said. Congress on Monday announced a 200 billion package of epidemic relief due to corona. This amount was for merchants, individuals and refugees. The bill was sent to President Trump for approval.

“I urge Congress to reduce unnecessary and unnecessary expenses and remove unnecessary clauses in the Act,” Trump said. I have to introduce a bill with amendments again, or I have to give the Kovid-15 relief package to the next administration. That administration can be mine.

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