Trump has in recent days forgiven 15, including two Republicans, reducing five

– Benefit from Trump’s sympathy for former government contractor convicted of genocide in Baghdad in 2006: Trump pardon 9, Obama pardon 215 and George Bush pardon 12

Washington, Ta. 23

Outgoing President Trump has reduced the sentences of two Republicans who were his supporters, convicted in a Russian investigation in the 2016 election and a former government contractor convicted of the 2006 genocide in Baghdad. Those who opposed him and his colleagues were not given any concession in punishment. Trump waived 9, Barack Obama 215 and George Bush 15.

On Tuesday, Trump announced an apology that is nothing new to the outgoing president. However, Trump is still not ready to accept his defeat. Biden will be sworn in as president on January 20. Until then, Trump will still serve more or less the punishment of many. Trump and his allies also discussed other possibilities. Among the apologists on Tuesday were Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter (California) and Chris Collins (New York), two former GOP lawmakers who had previously supported Trump in 2016.

The first member to endorse Trump as president, Collins was sentenced to two years and two months in the stock market after learning to help his son and others with 200,000 that a drug company drug testing , While Hunter was sentenced to 11 months in prison. Punishment was ordered. He used this money to celebrate his daughter’s birthday and to have fun with friends. White House press secretary Kyleigh McKinney said both were forgiven at the request of some members of Congress.

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