Trump did something Biden had to do at the White House gate.

Washington, Ta. Sunday is January 24, 2021

US President-Elect, Joe Biden, arrived at the White House with his wife. After a long wait and hard work, he finally succeeded in making the White House his official home. Biden thanked his supporters for shaking his hand as he climbed the stairs to the door but angered everyone by what happened next. When Biden and his wife were away from the White House, they were unable to enter the Rashtrapati Bhavan despite permission.

Reason for waiting for President and First Lady

The door closed as President Joe Biden and the First Lady stepped inside. His family also climbed the White House stairs, but the door was closed. Biden became angry at this. The most powerful president in the world has to wait. This situation persisted for some time. Joe and Jill kept staring at each other.

Finally after some time the door opened from inside. He had to wait because former US President Donald Trump voluntarily fired the White House chief five hours earlier. While former White House officials condemned Trump’s actions.

Role of Chief Usher in White House

However, the White House is managed by Chief Usher. Timothy Harlath was President Trump’s chief gatekeeper. Melania appointed Trump’s former Chief of Staff in 2017. On the day of Biden’s swearing-in, 4 hours before January 20, Timothy was told that he had been fired. Timothy’s salary was 2 lakhs. The post is not politically motivated, but Melania, the former president’s wife, was biased to bring an employee of the Trump Hotel to the White House.

Condemned by media houses and former employees

Several US media houses have condemned the incident. Former President George W. Bush called White House Social Secretary Lee Burman a “violation of protocol.” Whereas another former chief, Ashar, said that if the president gets up early and there is a long activity, then the chief will have to do long duty.

However, it was not immediately clear why the nine elected presidents and the first lady had to wait at the door.

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