Trump denied unemployment benefits to millions without signing Kovid aid bill

(PTI) Washington, Ta. December 26, 2020 is Saturday

Millions of people were denied unemployment benefits on Saturday after US President George W. Trump refused to sign the 3 2.3 trillion Corona epidemic and relief package bill. He said that the amount cannot be given to everyone. He shocked members of both Republicans and Democrats, saying he was unhappy with such a hefty bill.

According to him, the Corona virus epidemic is in need of जरूरत 90 billion. This includes 1. trillion for general government spending and the unemployment allowance ending December 26. According to Labor Department data, without Trump’s signature, about 14 million people would have lost their surplus.

A partial shutdown will begin on Tuesday if the stop gap government does not refuse Congress for an earlier fund bill. After months of fighting, Republicans and Democrats agreed to the package last week with the help of the White House. Trump, who handed over the reins of power to Democratic elected Joe Biden on January 20, did not mind until Congress voted Monday night.

But he later complained that the bill would give more money for special interests, cultural projects and foreign aid. While their outright 600 Stee Mules package is insufficient for those struggling in life. He demanded an increase in the package.

Why don’t politicians want to give 2000 to 2000 people? What will happen to the 600? “Give money to our people,” the billionaire president tweeted on Christmas day. Many economists also agreed that this amount was too small, but immediate help was welcomed and needed.

Those who know this well say that we were surprised by Trump’s objection to the bill. What is the strategy of the outgoing president is still a mystery. He has not ruled out and will probably sign in the coming days.

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