Trump administration resigns, ally angry over violence on Capitol Hill

– Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews also resigns

Washington Thursday 7 January 2021

Thousands of supporters of President Donald Trump who left the country this morning have resigned in the wake of violent riots on Capitol Hill.

The Trump administration’s deputy press secretary, and Melania Trump’s chief of staff, Stephanie Grech, also resigned in protest against the violence. Trump may remain president until January 20, but given the current situation, it would not be surprising if the move to oust Trump begins immediately.

A total of four people, including a woman, were killed in the shootout, which were carried out by security forces to prevent violent riots. Social media deleted a video clip of Trump’s speech, saying it could lead to more violence.

Details of the resignations of some other appointees have not yet been made public. But according to a report, some of Trump’s former allies in the Democratic Party have resigned from key positions. The Trump administration has not yet released details of the mass resignation. But the possibility was not ruled out that Trump would lose even the most sympathetic aftermath of the violence.

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