to cut. Indo-French Agreement which Rafal can never use

New Delhi, D.V.

There has been a lot of controversy in India about the purchase of Rafale planes from France by the Modi government. However, from the military point of view, while purchasing these aircraft, India took special care that Pakistan could never use Rafale planes and for this India had signed a special agreement with France. This information has been revealed recently.

When Emmanuel Bonn, the political adviser to the French President, arrived in India for a strategic dialogue, the Indian Air Force showed him the need to keep Pakistan away from Rafale fighter jet techniques, especially its missile capability. India even told Emanuel that even though Dassault Aviation, the company that manufactures Rafale aircraft, sells Rafale planes of the Omni Roll platform to Qatar, France will have to ensure that Qatar does not reach Rafale of any Pakistani origin. .

France then assured India of Rafale’s technology and kept the meteor air-to-air missile out of Pakistan’s reach. In addition, France has promised not to upgrade the Mirage 7/8 or Augusta 30B, which is part of Islamabad’s air force. India had sought a guarantee from France after the Pakistan Air Force crashed its MiG-21 aircraft on February 9, 2014, when it was about to enter India.

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