Thousands of people took to the streets in protest against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to demand his resignation

Jerusalem, Ta. Sunday, January 3, 2021

Thousands of people took to the streets in protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The protesters have demanded the release of Benjamin Netanyahu. Benjamin Netanyahu has been accused of corruption worth millions of rupees. In addition, protesters allege that Netanyahu could not properly cope with the corona virus crisis. The protesters placed posters and cards with the words ‘all are equal in the eyes of the law’ and ‘go back’. The demonstration was held near the Prime Minister’s Office.

Protests have been going on in Israel against Prime Minister Netanyahu for the past several months. Netanyahu has been charged with corruption, fraud and treason. All these allegations are related to associates and their billionaire friends. However, Prime Minister Netanyahu has denied the allegations. The protesters say that Netanyahu cannot lead the country surrounded by allegations of corruption. The hearing on the case is also scheduled to begin in the coming days.

There have been elections within Israel four times within two years. In a way, this will be the second referendum against Netanyahu, in which he will also face challenges within his own party. The protesters say that Netanyahu and his government have also failed in the fight against the Koro crisis.

The country’s economy has also been affected by the Corona virus in the past year. However, Netanyahu and his colleagues are using the Corona vaccination program to respond to the protesters. Israel is ahead of all other countries in the world in terms of corona vaccination.

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