This Amazon river fish can also break iron with its teeth.

Rio de Janeiro, Wednesday, April 21, 2021

As soon as the piranha fish is named, connoisseurs should remember its cruel teeth and nature. If a flock of these fish is found in freshwater, six people are released. In Brazil, hundreds of people are victims of extremely cruel and cruel piranhas. According to an experiment on piranha fish, it can also cut iron from its teeth. Jimmy Wade, an aquatic expert from the US caught a fish in the Amazon River. He cut off the material used in the bullet-proof jacket with a tooth-filled piranha near the mouth of the fish. The piranha fish was then given a piece of iron wire and within a few seconds the wire also broke.

Jimmy Wade was surprised to see Piranha’s behavior. No animal in the world has the strength to cut iron in its teeth and jaws. Due to the strong teeth of the piranha, it is intended to hit the piranha warning board in the water where it is present. Even professional fishermen do not like piranha fishing. The fish attacked the herd and killed the prey. Black piranha fish are also considered the most dangerous. Contact with piranha fish in the Amazon forest and river region becomes contact with the mother. Although, piranha is used medicinally, it is also prey. Indigenous people who have lived in the Amazon for centuries have lived with piranhas, even though they are very scared.


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