There will be a joint naval exercise between India and Vietnam

-China in China tensions over practice in South China Sea

– Increasing the number of troops in China region

New delhi dated 25 december 2020 friday

The Navies of India and Vietnam are to conduct a two-day joint exercise in the South China Sea from tomorrow. Naturally, the incident upset China as it increased its military presence in the region.

A government spokesman said that the exercise aimed to increase maritime cooperation between the two countries. An Indian Navy ship INS Kilton has left for Vietnam to provide relief to the people affected by the devastating floods in Central Vietnam. Returning, the ship will participate in a joint exercise.

The joint exercise was taking place at a time when China was increasing its military presence in the South China Sea, so naturally there was a concern around the world. According to the Defense Department, INS Kilton arrived at the port of Ho Chi Minh on Thursday carrying 15 tons of relief material to help flood victims in central Vietnam. The ship will return to a joint exercise with the Vietnamese Navy in the South China Sea on 27 December after delivering relief supplies.

Earlier this week, a digital summit was held on Monday between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Vietnamese Prime Minister Gwen Xuan Phuc. On the occasion, the two countries discussed maritime cooperation as well as defense cooperation. It is to be a joint exercise in this regard.

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