There will be a catastrophe in 2021, cancer will be cured …

-Built by the world famous Baba Venga

Many predictions have been true till now.

London, 25 December 2020 Friday

According to a 2021 forecast by the US Baba Venga, there will be catastrophe in 2021, which accurately predicted events such as the 2004 tsunami that began with the Al Qaeda attack on the US World Trade Center.

At the same time, the cancer will be cured and outgoing President Donald Trump will become deaf. There is also a prophecy that a dragon (China?) Will take complete control of the entire humanity. The positive prediction made by Baba, known in the Balkans as Nostredamus, spoke of the treatment of corona amulets.

Baba Venga further said that the three demons will unite and one strong dragon will conquer the entire human race. The people of the world will be divided by the fire of religious beliefs.

However, some of Baba’s prophecies had gone wrong earlier. Baba also predicted his death in 1996.

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