The prisoner was killed despite an infection in Corona in the United States

Terry Haute, 19
The US government sentenced another criminal to death. His lawyer alleged that the culprit had no mercy despite having a corona infection and was sentenced to death by lethal injection. The Trump administration has killed 17 prisoners in recent months.
Corey Johnson, a member of the Virginia drug trafficking gang, was arrested on seven murders. The Virginia drug gang was in turmoil in those days. Eleven gang members committed 11 murders in three days, including seven murders by Korey Johns and another.
The habitual offender was sentenced to death by the court. His sentence was then deferred for various reasons. Just days before Donald Trump’s term ended, this habitual criminal was given a death sentence by injecting poison. A 52-year-old convict in Indiana’s Terry Haute Jail was asked before he was sentenced to death: what do some last words mean? In response, the criminal said: No, I’m fine. I will find peace
He was then given a poisonous injection. Doctors declared him dead minutes after injecting him. His lawyer alleged that this was against the law of capital punishment for the prisoner despite being a coroner by the government. However, the jail authority denied the charge.

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