The nursing staff stays here for 3 hours to treat bats

Melbourne, 23, January 2021, Saturday

The corona virus, which spreads from Wuhan in the Kovid 15 pandemic, has spread to bats. The theory that the corona virus was transmitted to humans by drinking the corona virus became popular in Wuhan when the corona virus became infected. Nevertheless, several research studies have shown that bats are home to the virus because they have super immunity. The only flying mammal is given the power to fight diseases that no other animal possesses. But it would be surprising to know that there is a hospital in Orton, Australia, where flying bats are treated.

In this unique Tolga Bat Hospital, bats are taken care of like a small child. The adjacent park has a large population of bats. Young chicks who are paralyzed or unable to feed their mother are identified and hospitalized. The hospital was started in 1908. Previously bats had a high death rate, but now it has decreased slightly. Nurses and staff are on duty for 8 hours to serve this nocturnal creature. Young girls are fed with a tube. The entire cost of running this hospital is borne by Jeevadaya and environmentalist community group.

According to its natural habit, the bat is paralyzed when falling while flying. So if it is not treated, it dies on the spot. Since bats are mammals, cubs cannot survive without feeding in the event of the mother’s death. Currently about 2000 bats are being treated in this hospital. The servants also get emotional when black bats are fed with colored napkins. This bats hospital is known as Tolgbet Hospital. Volunteers from this hospital reach 100 km to treat and serve bats. Not only this, they also awaken people to protect this unique life.

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