The nurse felt that humans were at risk from the corona vaccine, so 500 doses were destroyed!

– The nurse was fired and handed over to the police

Washington, Ta. Wednesday, January 6, 2021

The corona vaccine has been approved in many countries of the world and vaccination has also begun. Then there is a large section of the world who believes that the corona vaccine will harm humans. It is with this belief that a nurse has destroyed 500 doses of the corona vaccine. A man working as a nurse in an American hospital has taken 500 doses of the tax vaccine. Because you thought that the corona vaccine would replace human DNA.

Ever since, a 46-year-old nurse named Steven Brandberg has been arrested. Birdsburg was working at the Orera Medical Store in Wisconsin. He took 500 doses of the modern Corona vaccine out of the fridge and dumped it. Brandberg has also believed that he did it for the purpose. He was fired after the incident and handed over to the police.

The accused told the police that he felt the vaccine was not safe for humans and would replace human DNA. This is the reason why they have tried to spoil the vaccine. Medical store managers said they had incurred a loss of 81 8,100, or 8 lakh rupees, due to 500 vaccine malfunctions.

On the one hand, the world eagerly awaits the Corona vaccine. Companies are striving for more production so that the vaccine can be delivered quickly to everyone in the world. Scientists have repeatedly warned people about the safety of vaccines.

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