The lover proposed romantically, the next moment the girlfriend’s leg slipped and she fell down the mountain.

Seeing his girlfriend fall, the lover also jumped, luckily both survived.

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Be it a beach, a high mountain, a snow-covered valley, or a river. These places are usually similar to temples for loving couples. Confessing your love in such a romantic atmosphere is also different. The declaration of love made at such a place will be remembered throughout his life. An Austrian couple climbed the mountain with a similar plan. But after going there, the young man proposes to his girlfriend that this beautiful scene be turned into a tragedy.

The couple went to spend romantic time on a hill in Carinthia, Australia. Meanwhile, the 27-year-old proposed to his 32-year-old girlfriend. Girlfriend became happy and said yes. As soon as he said yes, his leg slipped and he fell from a height of 650 feet. Seeing his girlfriend fall, the young man also jumped to save her. The young man jumped down but got stuck in a place 50 feet down.

The woman was knocked down, but survived because of being covered with snow, while the young man also survived after falling 50 feet. Both have had some fractures and are still in hospital. People of the area reported the incident to the police, who reached the spot and rescued both.

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