The captain of a fishing boat was shot by Kim Jong Un while listening to a foreign radio station

Pyongyang, Ta. 20 December 2020, Sunday

North Korea’s bizarre, paranoid and eccentric dictator Kim Jong-un has been sentenced to death for various reasons.

Such a recent incident has come to light in which the captain of a fishing boat was sentenced to death only because he listened to a foreign radio channel. According to media reports, the captain has been listening to the channel for the past 15 years, which is banned in North Korea. He used to tune this channel on his radio while going fishing.

However, the captain was shot and killed in public after the news broke.

Choi was no small man. He had about 50 ships.

North Korea has imposed strict restrictions on which radio station to listen to and which not to listen to. The government keeps a close watch on them and records which stations people listen to.

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