The average summer temperature in this Russian city is 12 degrees.

Moscow, April 21, 2021,

With the temperature around 3 ° C in scorching heat in India, it would be surprising to know that the Russian city of Yakutsk has a temperature of -2 ° C. In this city with a population of 3 lakh 30 thousand, the time from May 15 to September 10 is considered as summer and the temperature remains at 14 degrees. Thus Yakutsk people do not have to sweat in the heat.

The temperature in the city falls to 40 ° C around July 15, after which the mercury does not rise much. Therefore, if the average temperature is measured during summer, it does not exceed 15 degrees. This means that the average summer temperature is equal to the maximum cooling capacity of the AC, while the winter period is calculated from 1 November to 1 March. During this time the temperature drops to -2 degrees. The minimum temperature is 3 degrees. 21 degrees.

The average temperature in India has increased by 0.6 degree in the last 110 years.

On the other hand, India is no exception to the fact that global warming is causing global warming. According to a source, the average temperature in India has risen by 0.5 degrees in the last 110 years, causing scorching heat. Average temperatures are likely to rise if problems such as increased pollution, cement concrete construction, and dwindling forests are not taken into account. 3 degrees by 2020.

Thus, a two-degree increase in temperature may seem small in number, but such an increase in average atmospheric temperature reverses all aspects of the weather. In the month of March this year, mercury reached 4.5 degrees in Bhira, Maharashtra. The year 2018 is likely to be warmer than the previous year. The death toll has increased in the last 10 years due to rising temperature and heat-related problems. On average, more than 3,000 people die each year due to the extreme heat of summer. Thus summer is no longer a season but a tragedy.


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