Ten-point program for WHO for health maintenance in 2021

Geneva, Ta. December 26, 2020 is Saturday

In the year 2020, everyone realized that there is no wealth greater than health. The World Health Organization (WHO) for the maintenance of health has presented ten issues to consider next year.

In one stroke Corona hollowed out all the superpowers of the world and turned the mustache into a pawn in the name of development. To get out of this situation, following are the ten issues to be adopted in 2021 by various countries and governments of the world in the field of health.

1. Each country should be prepared against the epidemic in its own way. Do we have to work together instead of feeling that way. Because the spread of corona began with one person. To create a system where viruses can be exchanged around the world.

2. Accelerate the corona test, arrange for a vaccine to reach all citizens, and try to get to the root of the disease to prevent its spread. Many countries, including India, did not have test capability in the early days of Corona.

3. Prepare to deal with an emergency. Countries like India proved to be lagging in terms of health as we were not short of ventilators and oxygen.

4. There is a huge disparity in health care, eliminating it. Corona also proved that an epidemic can strike at any time, and that our health depends on the health of others.

5. Understand the importance of health science, increase the cost behind it and make maximum use of technology. There is no way out of the epidemic without science.

6. Attempts to control and eradicate diseases such as polio, malaria, HIV, TB, have prevented it to resume this time due to corona. Beware of other infectious diseases.

7. Primary health facilities have not developed in many countries. The World Health Organization works for this, as well as helping other countries. Conducting special research on antimicrobials that kill viruses and bacteria.

8. Special efforts should be made to control non-communicable diseases like diabetes, heart, cancer, blood pressure etc. Most deaths in Corona occur from patients with such non-communicable diseases. Also pay attention to mental health.

9. Pay attention to the protection of the environment and nature as coronovirus or other deadly viruses have finally come out of the forest. Giving importance to healthy food.

10. To work together for the establishment of a healthy world by eliminating differences of nation, organization, caste, caste etc. Continue to support organizations such as WHO for global health care.

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