Telecom will then remove Chinese oil companies from US stock exchange

Washington / Beijing, Ta. 4
Tensions between China and the US are increasing. The days of US President Donald Trump’s term are coming to an end, but before that Trump has started killing China. Trump has indicated action against oil companies after he decided to remove three Chinese mobile companies from the stock market.
Media reports cited sources close to the US government and the Department of Defense, claiming that after taking action against three mobile companies, the US could now pull Chinese oil companies off the stock exchange. China protested after Trump shut down three Chinese companies from the New York Stock Exchange. The three Chinese companies will be removed from the stock exchange from 7 January.
China has threatened to retaliate against the US if it withdraws its companies from the stock market. A spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry said that the US has decided to remove China Telecom Corp Ltd, China Mobile Ltd and China Unicorn Hong Kong Ltd from the Scott Exchange. This is not fair at all. If the US does not change its position, China will retaliate against American companies.
The US has said that it will take action against oil companies regardless of China’s threat. Experts said that Trump will take action against Chinese oil companies in the coming days and exclude major oil companies from the stock exchange. Trump signed an order in November to show Chinese mobile companies out of the stock market. Now Trump also hopes to soon issue an ordinance to exclude oil companies.

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