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Florida, Sunday, January 3, 2021

People all over the world are shining in the media with their new tricks. The banana artwork was hung in an art mall in Miami, Florida, USA, taped and priced at INR 88 lakhs. Gone.

The artwork was created by artist Maurizio Yo Kettel and he taped it himself, Catley named his comedian, shared a video on Instagram in which he ate a banana in front of the whole world, now his video is going viral and People are very like, just commenting.

Artist David Datuna there says he has no regrets, adding that he wanted to eat bananas in the morning, but was not hungry, but after wandering for a few hours he got hungry and ate a banana.

People were taking their selfies with these bananas, watching these bananas among the people of Datu, after a while the tape was removed again and eating the bananas, he praised the artist Maurizio Catalan and said that he Respects them.

Now people are making fun of him after this incident, one user said that he should be charged full fine, one user wrote that it is wrong, and he should not do it because he is an artist.

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