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Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis fired back at claims of racism made by his opponent, Democrat Jeremy Ring.

A new liberal news organization – the Florida Phoenix – reported Friday that Patronis, in his capacity as a member of the state executive clemency board, asked a convinced felon applying to have his civil rights restored how many children he had and with how many different women.

Former state senator Jeremy Ring accused the CFO of “racism” for asking the question.

What was unreported by the Florida Phoenix and not mentioned by Ring was that the convicted felon has a history of domestic violence involving different women and in one incident his 2 year old child was struck.

Patronis’ line of questioning related to if the man was current on child support payments.

“Anyone who actually listens to the discussion from this clemency meeting knows that it centered on how to best protect the public good from a convicted felon with history of domestic violence,” said Patronis spokeswoman Katie Strickland. “The domestic violence incidents involved different women, and in one case a woman was sent to the hospital and in another case a child was harmed. Because child support arrangements are coordinated through a child’s mother, questions focused on child support arrangements and if child support was current. The focus of the conversation was about how to best protect all involved and the community from a convicted felon with a decades-long history of arrests.”

Video of the interaction is here at the 2:52 mark.