Spreading misinformation on social media costs 30 30 million every year!

London, D.V.

Social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc.) is widely used to spread misinformation. Of course, misinformation has now become a global industry. The Internet Institute of Oxford University published a four-page report titled ‘Industrialized Disinformation’. According to the report, in 2020, politicians from 21 countries used social media to spread misinformation. The following year, the number of countries was 20. Which includes India.

According to the report, the government, public relations agencies and political parties spend the most to spread false information. in one year. 30 million was spent on such disturbances. The report noted that misinterpretation of personal information is now slowly taking over the industry. Politicians, companies etc. spend a lot of money to spread misinformation about their rivals.

The process of deleting an account that spreads fake information on Facebook-Twitter has started. Under this, from January 2016 to October 2020, 2.15 lakh accounts were removed on both platforms. According to the report, in seven countries, there is evidence that the government is spreading false information for political purposes. In addition, governments of 17 countries have also received the information they need to help hackers. The accusations of Chinese-Russian government hackers who hacked the corona vaccine information have been repeated.

Countries use large-scale tactics to spread misinformation about their rivals. Governments or politicians appoint people to give misinformation, for which the term cyber army is used. In addition, boats (machines) that spread misinformation are also used. Agencies providing strategic communication services play the biggest villain role in this operation, ie doing a big business of spreading misinformation.

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