South Korean dictator Kim Jong-un described America as the worst enemy

– Kim Jong-un ordered his officers to make nuclear weapons

New Delhi date 9 January 2021, Saturday

On one side is the change of power in America, embarrassing scenes never seen before. On the other hand, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has made inflammatory statements against the US. Kim Jong Un has called the United States the biggest enemy of North Korea, an enemy who also has nuclear weapons. With this statement, hopes of improving relations between the United States and North Korea have dashed. Talks between Trump and Kim Jong Un were also held to improve relations between the two countries.

Teva has once again created an atmosphere of tension between the two countries. Kim Jong Un said that any power would come to the White House but it would not change US policy towards North Korea. If the US changes its hostile policies, relations between the two countries will improve. In addition, Kim Jong Un said that North Korea would upgrade its nuclear weapons to deter enemies.

At the same time, Kim Jong Un has ordered his officers to make nuclear weapons. It is also believed that Kim Jong is trying to pressure the new US President Joe Biden. Kim Jong Un said this at the annual meeting of the Workers’ Party of Korea. In addition, one reason for Kim Jong’s embarrassment is the US military exercises with South Korea.

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