Sick old dog admitted for treatment by pet dog sitting outside hospital for 6 days

Trebjon, Ta. 23. Saturday, January 2021

The friendship between dogs and humans is thousands of years old and even today this animal exemplifies loyalty to humans.

A similar case has gone viral on social media, in which many people have become watery. According to media reports, a 68-year-old senior citizen was hospitalized in the northeastern Turkish city of Trabzon on 14 January due to a brain problem.

Due to being taken to the ambulance to the hospital, his pet dog named Bonk followed the ambulance to the hospital and the hospital staff were also angry to see the hospital dog. Bonke was stationed at the hospital. He was not one of the two.

Eventually the hospital staff started taking care of Banak. The senior citizen was reunited with his dog 6 days later when he was discharged. The video of being happy to see his boss in a hospital room is also going viral on social media these days.

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