Senate rejects a proposal of 2,000 ko for relief

Washington, December 30, 2020, Wednesday

In the Senate, Republicans rejected President Trump’s plan to hand over checks to 200,000 concessions to Americans. Democrats and some Republicans put forward a proposal to increase the purchasing power of Americans or reject White House orders, but did not allow it to pass.

Trump wants the White House announcement to be accepted in the Republican-majority House, and that millions of Americans receive 2,000,000 instead of 500. But most senators of the oldest party do not want to charge more dollars.

The senators will meet again on Wednesday as McConnell tries to find a middle ground, but a positive outcome is unlikely. ‘A question has not been answered today.

Will Senate Republicans join other Americans to get two thousand dollars? ‘Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer said. Meanwhile, Finance Minister Steven Nunch said some of the 500 would be deposited in the accounts of Americans.

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