Scientists have found ways to stop the epidemic in the coming years

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Jean-Jacques Mueb Tampham, a doctor who identifies Ebola, has warned the world that there is likely to be a more dangerous X-ray than Corona. X is a virus that has not been identified. According to this doctor, if this disease strikes, there will be catastrophe in the world.
Dr. According to Jean-Jacques Mueb Tamfam, the doctor who identifies Ebola, the spread of the virus called Dis X, will be more dangerous than Ebola and even more frightening than Corona. It will spread so fast that it can kill 50 percent more people than Ebola. A Congolese woman showed signs of disease X.
On the other hand, scientists have also shown ways to prevent future epidemics. The global scientific community was asked what could be the simplest way to prevent an epidemic during the Corona epidemic? Three conclusions were drawn from his answer.
According to the researchers, conservation of wildlife is very important. In addition, non-human organisms that come into contact with humans must undergo regular medical examinations. Unnecessary milking of land should be prevented. The temptation to dig and find unlimited minerals should be minimal. In addition, steps should be taken to develop the human immune system and health sector.
By focusing on these three main points, it is possible to avoid possible epidemics occurring in this decade. The findings were based on feedback from scientists in the United States, Britain, France and India. The report was published in the journal Science.

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