Said … There is still tension in Pakistan about the fancy clothes of the students, this order was given by the university

– Resentment among students on the new ban, accused of pushing the country towards conservatism

Islamabad, Ta. Saturday, March 6, 2021

One by one, most universities in Pakistan have implemented new dress codes for female students. After Hazara University, Abbottabad and Bachchan Khan University, a new dress code has been implemented at the University of Peshawar.

A dress code introduced by the University of Peshawar in Pakistan has given rise to controversies. The University of Peshawar has banned students from wearing fancy clothes.

The university issued a notification asking students to follow the new dress code and wear their ID card. Students wear a kurta of their choice with white salwar. When the student dressed moderately. The notification does not explicitly say that students should refrain from wearing western clothes but the gesture is clear.

There is a great outrage among the students about the new dress code implemented by the university. A student of Bacha Khan said that the country is slowly moving towards conservatism.

The political motive behind implementing this dress code is clear. An attempt has been made to appease Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Shah Farman by implementing a new dress code. Shah Farman is the Chancellor of the Government University. They are all interested in the new dress code for female students in the university. Even before this, the dress code has been implemented in many universities of Pakistan. It was heavily criticized.

Earlier, the new dress code at Bacha Kan University in Charsadda in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa banned female students from wearing tight jeans. Also it is mandatory to wear hijab.

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