Governor Rick Scott
Photo by: Giorgio Viera/EFE/Alamy Live News

Governor Rick Scott raised an eye-popping $10.7 million in his campaign for the U.S. Senate during the last three months. That amount is larger than an other Senate campaign in the country this election cycle.

For perspective it’s three times larger than any fundraising quarter ever achieved by incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson.

The breakdown down on Scott’s impressive haul shows broad support for the Governor in Florida. He raised money from more than 11,000 people and in each of Florida’s 67 counties. Eighty percent of the $10.7 million came from Florida residents, and three-quarters of the contributions were less than $500.

“Florida families have had enough of career politicians in Washington who care more about their own jobs than the wellbeing of the families they serve. We’re on a mission to reform Washington so that it actually works for us, and I appreciate the support of everyone who has come together to help us reach this goal,” said Governor Scott. “By raising more than $10.7 million in less than three months, we are sending a message to Washington that the time of career politicians is over – and our momentum is not slowing down. I look forward to continuing to show Washington and the rest of the country what it means to get to work.”

Scott’s fundraising quarter puts additional pressure on Senator Nelson, whom some Democrats grudgingly admit is being outworked by his Republican challenger. While this remains a tight race between the Governor and the three-term Senator, most polls show Scott leading, which likely helps with his fundraising efforts.

“This historic more than $10.7 million fundraising quarter shows that the opportunity to elect Governor Rick Scott and send a career politician back home has Floridians more excited than ever before,” said Darlene Jordan, Scott’s Florida finance chairwoman. “No other Senate campaign has accomplished what Governor Scott’s has, and it would not be possible without the hard work of our many supporters. We will continue to fight together to keep this record accomplishment going strong.”

The National Republican Senatorial Committee, which is tasked with keeping the GOP Senate in the majority added: “It’s impossible to argue with these numbers,” said NRSC Spokesperson Camille Gallo. “This historic fundraising haul sends a clear signal to Bill Nelson and national Democrats that Floridians are fed up with career politicians and will vote for change this November.”

The just reported fundraising total does not include any contributions from Scott himself, another advantage that he has over Nelson, who has spent his entire career in elected office.