Senator Daphne Campbell
Photo from House of Representatives

At this point State Senator Daphne Campbell may not even know where she lives. According to an investigative report by the Miami Herald, the Democrat from North Miami Beach has listed five separate addresses on government documents in eight years – all apparently in an attempt to show she lives in the legislative district she was elected to represent.

Campbell’s failure to live in her district and registering to vote in an area where she doesn’t live could land her in hot water. Former State Representative Daisy Baez was investigated in 2017 by a House Committee for living outside her district. Baez resigned after pleading guilty to lying on her voter registration application, a misdemeanor.

The Herald tracked down owners of the houses where Senator Campbell claimed to have lived. In most cases they found she may have rented the place without ever living there and instead resided in the home she’s owned for 20 years, which is outside of Campbell’s Senate district. The newspaper’s reporting took them to the home she lists as her current residence – her sister’s house. When knocking on the door, a woman who looked like Senator Campbell, wearing a shirt that said “Senator Daphne Campbell” answered and quickly slammed it shut when learning it was a reporter. Another woman, who said she is Campbell’s sister, then came out and said Senator Campbell wasn’t there.

Campbell’s past campaign manager, who has since had a falling out with the Senator, told the Herald she didn’t live in the House district she previously represented. Nacivre “Charlie” Charles told the paper, “She is a liar about almost everything.”

Campbell would only respond to the newspaper report by saying she lives in her district.