Adam Putnam’s new TV commercial goes after Congressman Ron DeSantis by targeting Florida Republicans most reliably primary voters – seniors. The :30 television commercial accuses DeSantis of cutting Social Security and Medicare and voting to increase the retirement age.

The new ad seems to confirm conventional wisdom that the Republican race for governor has tightened. The new ad comes the same day a Gravis Marketing poll, independent of any campaign, showed DeSantis with the lead over Putnam.

in the ad, senior-aged residents of Sun City Center, a retirement community in south Hillsborough County, showed support for President Trump while criticizing Congressman DeSantis.

“Trump has got our back, but I’m not so sure about Ron DeSantis,” Luke Amato of Sun City Center says.

“Congressman DeSantis voted to cut Social Security and Medicare…That’s not what Trump wants,” says Vernon Elarth of Sun City Center.

“Cutting Social Security and Medicare? DeSantis has spent too much time in Washington,” says Dee Williams of Sun City Center.

Putnam’s campaign provided three examples of DeSantis’ votes against senior’s retirement benefits:

  • House Congressional Resolution 25, Roll Call Vote 86, 3/20/13, Overall Vote: 104-132, DeSantis Voted Yea
  • House Congressional Resolution 96, Roll Call Vote 175, 4/10/14, Overall Vote: 133-291, DeSantis Voted Yea
  • House Congressional Resolution 27, Roll Call Vote 138, 3/25/15, Overall Vote: 132-294, DeSantis Voted Yea

The new ad begins airing Tuesday on broadcast and cable stations across Florida.