Putin extended nuclear weapons treaty for five years, proposing to make Russia more powerful

– Agreement with US was to be completed next week

Moscow date 27 January 2021 Wednesday

Russian President Vladimir Putin has extended Russia’s nuclear weapons treaty with the US for the next five years.

The agreement was to conclude next week. Earlier, Putin announced that the treaty would be extended for the next five years. On Tuesday, Putin formally announced that the ‘new start’ agreement would be extended for five years.

New Start is an agreement between the US and Russia. The agreement is important for the control of nuclear weapons and for peaceful relations between the two countries. The treaty was signed in 2010 by both countries. Under the treaty, both countries were permitted to acquire 1550 nuclear weapons by the United States and Russia.

Today, both the United States and Russia are among the countries with the most nuclear weapons. However, both countries were protesting against developing and poor countries developing nuclear power for peaceful purposes.

Neither the new US president, Joe Biden, nor the Pentagon have commented on the announcement. Putin also expressed the idea of ​​bringing a resolution to the Russian Parliament to advance Russia’s military.

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