Pro-Trump video propels Mike Hill to likely Florida House return

Out endorsed and out spent by a 3 to 1 margin, former State Representative Mike Hill is poised to return to Tallahassee. He won the Republican primary in House District 1 Tuesday night defeating Rebekah Bydlak 48%-45%. Bydlak was backed by the Tallahassee establishment and raised more than $205,000 to Hill’s $61,000.

“It shows that ‘We, the People’ elect who we want for our leaders, not the establishment picking and choosing who they want and who they can control,” Hill told FLA News.

Hill previously served in the Florida House from 2013 until he unsuccessfully ran for an open state Senate seat in 2016. He believes what propelled him to victory in Tuesday’s primary was a video he posted on Facebook last week. Standing in front of the Confederate War Memorial in Pensacola, Hill was critical of the repeated destruction of President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hill urged that the star be sent to Pensacola where it would be respected.

That video went viral and put Hill in the spotlight.

Hill said the timing of the video was purely coincidental to the destruction of Trump’s Hollywood star and the decision not to replace it. “When I saw that, I said no. We’re going to bring it here and honor and protect it,” Hill said. “The timing just happen to be so right, it gave us momentum in the last days of the election. And yes, I believe that pushed us over the top.”

The Air Force Academy graduate, veteran, and small business owner is an unapologetic supporter of President Trump and was one of the early leaders of the tea party movement in Pensacola. If elected in November, Hill’s promised to roll back some of the gun provisions passed by the legislature earlier this year following the Parkland school shooting.

The Pensacola-area seat that borders the state of Alabama is conservative and considered a safe Republican district. Hill faces Democrat Vikki Garrett in November.

David Bishop is a native Floridian, husband and father. During his 30 year career, David has been a journalist, political operative and communications consultant.