President Trump’s supporters vandalize the US parliament, killing 6

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In the United States, the world’s largest democracy, Trump supporters tried to revolt on January 6, a historic event in 60 years. Thousands of supporters took out a rally Wednesday to protest against President Donald Trump’s call for his supporters to march on Parliament. The newly elected president of the United States, which Baidan’s victory killed four people in police clashes with supporters of constitutional procedures, lent official support to the Trump parliament. At this time scenes such as a coup or terrorist attack were created in the Parliament complex. Curfew has been imposed in the capital, Washington, DC, following the attack on Parliament.

Donald Trump was addressing his supporters at an American presidential rally, known as the American Capitol, on Wednesday as the constitutional process of counting and certifying electoral college votes continued. Trump had previously told his supporters that Wednesday would be a chaotic day. As he made his predictions come true, Trump told supporters, “We will climb Parliament and we will boost the morale of our courageous senators and lawmakers.” You can never make our country great by weakness. You have to show courage and strength. ‘Providing supporters, Trump also said that he would join them when they march in Parliament.

Anarchy spreads in Parliament complex, Trump supporters break glass

Trump supporters attacked the US parliament just before his speech ended after Trump’s provocation. However, instead of joining Trump, Trump fled the White House in his SUV and sat on TV watching the confrontation between his supporters and police. The proponents of his case are working to make the actual copy of this statement available online. The proponents of his case are working to make the actual copy of this statement available online. Trump supporters smash windows in parliament. At this point chaos spread in the campus and bullets were also fired.

Parliamentary proceedings were disrupted, forcing MPs to move to safer places

Parliament security was disrupted and the entire US Capitol (parliament) was closed, including the House of Representatives and the Senate. The proceedings were called off following a vote of confidence in the victory of US President-Elect Joe Biden. Vice President Mike Pence and lawmakers wearing gas masks were ejected.

Trump supporters occupy Speaker Pelosi’s office

Amid demonstrations and riots on Capitol Hill, Trump supporters tried to enter the Parliament House. Four people, including a woman, were killed and several others were injured by police firing to prevent rioters from entering the hall. Some miscreants stormed and occupied the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. Trump supporters sat on his chair.

Anarchy in modern America for the first time in Parliament

However, the parliament was re-occupied by police after heavy sabotage and violence around the precincts of Parliament by Trump supporters. Troops then drove out Trump supporters. Several news videos and CCTV footage of the US Capitol showed Trump supporters breaking windows, climbing walls and capturing the inaugural stage. This is probably the first time in modern America when scenes of security breaches and anarchy have been created in Parliament.

Trump’s appeal to supporters to maintain peace

“It’s not a dissent,” President-Elect Joe Biden said, as Trump supporters attacked the US Congress. It is an attack on American democracy. It is chaos and rebellion. I urge President Donald Trump to appear on national television and ask his supporters to stop this rebellion. Meanwhile, President Trump urged his supporters to keep the peace and obey the law after the US Parliament was taken over by the National Guard.

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