Political Babylon in Israel – Dissolution of Parliament

Parliamentary elections will be held in two years

Mysterious crisis in front of Netanyahu’s government

Jerusalem 23 December 2020 Wednesday

In Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government failed to pass a budget, and Netanyahu dissolved parliament after a political crisis. The result was the fourth national election in only two years.

With this came the end of the coalition formed to form the government. Benny Gents, the government’s ally in the coalition and defense minister, alleged that Netanyahu broke his promise. “It’s better to have a new election now,” he said.

It should be noted that earlier this month, the opposition proposed a dissolution of Israel’s parliament. The 120-member Israeli parliament voted 61 to 54 in favor of the proposal. Now that Parliament has been dissolved, it seems that there will be new elections in March 2021. Netanyahu’s government has hours to pass the 2020 budget. If the government fails to pass the budget in such a short time, the Parliament will be constitutionally dissolved.

Netanyahu is the president of the Likud Party while Benny Gents is the president of the Blue and White Party. Both formed the government in April 2020, which collapsed in just seven or eight months.

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